Car Seat Checks

Why are they so important?

Almost two thirds of children are not as safe as they should be when travelling. A worryingly 59% of children are sitting in a car seat that has been incorrectly fitted or is inappropriate for them. 

Most of these mistakes are easily avoidable, and with so much conflicting advice and so many car seats to choose from  it comes as no surprise that these errors are being made.

Here at Safe Journey Car Seats we pride ourselves on going above and beyond help Mum's, Dad's, Grandparent's and carers. Whoever you might be, if you are travelling with a little one in your car it is your responsibility to ensure their safety. 

If a car seat has been purchased from us then we will happily ensure a full installation service if within a reasonable distance to us, if not we can do this via video call. 

There is a small fee to re-install a car seat that hasn't been purchased from us. 

We carry out car seat checks to ensure that not only your car seat has been fitted correctly but also that it is suitable for your child. 

If you would like help and advice about the car seat you currently have then please do get in touch.


Your child's safety is our main priority.