Car Seat Groups

By law ALL children must travel in the car in an appropriate restraint until they are either 12 years of age or 135cms tall. 

Size is more important than age in this instance as seat belts are not designed for children. 

We know it can be a bit confusing knowing which to choose for your child. So here is a handy guide to talk you through the groups. 

Group 0.  0-10kg. Birth to approx 9 months. 

Group 0+. 0-13kg. Birth to approx 12 months.

Group 1. 9kg-18kg. 9 months to approx 4 years. 

Group 2. 15kg-25kg. 4 years to approx 7 years. 

Group 3. 22kg-36kg. 6 years to approx 12 years.


Please contact us for more information specifically on your childs needs as there are so many, and so much conflicting information which can be confusing. We are happy to talk you through it and provide you with any support you may need.  

Here are the combinations that we specialise in as rear facing experts and we always recommend using 25kg (approx 7 years).

     Group 0-1. Up to 18kg. Birth to approx 4 years. 

     Group 1. 9kg to 18kg. Approx 9 months to 4 years

     Group 1-2. 9kg to 25kg. Approx 9 months to 7 years. 

     Group 0-2. Up to 25kg. Birth to approx 7 years. 


Please remember when choosing a car seat that the minimum weights don't necessarily mean safe to use from that weight and that this is clearly an indication of the minimum at which they have been crash tested at. It is always much safer to use a lower group car seat until the maximum weight has been reached before moving on to the next group up. This is especially important when choosing to move from rear facing to forward facing.