What is ECE R44/04?

ECE R44-04 is a European approval standard. Child car seats are tested in frontal collisions at 50km/h (approx 31mph) and rear collisions at 30km/h (approx 18mph) using crash test dummies and measuring instruments designed to see how well the seat protects the test dummies. 

All child car seats currently being sold in Europe, the Middle East and most Asian countries must be ECE R44-04 approved. 

With ECE R44/04 the classification is based on a childs weight (in kg) and is caratorised by groups (Group 0+,1,2,3 etc. R44/04 standards also make it an option to forward face from just 9kg. 

Seats in this category can be either isofix or belted. 

They are tested in front and rear collisions (no side impact testing is mandatory) using P dummies with just 4 sensors. Compared to i-size which use Q dummies and are tested on front, rear and side collisions with 32 sensors.

I-size is focused on childs height in the seat rather that weight, making sure that no child is forward facing too soon.