Axkid ONE - The safest car seat we ever built.

Axkid ONE - The safest car seat we ever built.

We get asked a lot why the Axkid ONE is SO amazing, So here we explain why..

The Axkid ONE is the ONLY ISOfix car seat on the market that allows for extended rear facing up to 7 years, meaning you'll only need to buy one car seat in 7 years, you'll need the extra cushion if using from birth (Axkid ONE+). Many of us buy 2 or even 3 car seats by the time our children reach 7 so this is a great cost effective way at getting more for your money.

It's super easy to install into the car, infact it takes less than 30 seconds. Perfect if you need to move it between cars regularly too. Weighing in at less than 10kg means it wont be a struggle either, it weighs less that 30% of car seats on the market and uses much less plastic, most people can't actually believe how light it really is. The Axkid ONE features 6 self explanatory installation steps and a self tightening anti-rotation bar with built in audio due letting you know if the seat is in optimal position. This is a great feature for some who worries about the correct installation of a car seat. These steps are easy to follow to ensure that you have that perfect fit, every time!

Axkid ONE is spacious with it boasting the best leg room on the market. Think First class on a flight, really roomy! It's mounted on rails making it easy to to adjust with one hand up to 30cms. This unique feature solves past drawbacks with rear facing seats as it has a wider angle making it easier to get the child in and out. For older children the safety frame can act as a handle so that they can easily climb in and out by themselves. No need for swivel functions!

Thanks to the rail mounting it's easy to give the front seat passenger exit space when needed without removing the seat from the car, just push back the seat towards the back seat. no other seat on the market has these amazing features!

The ONE comes equipped with the clever Sleepwell System which allows the the seat angle to be adjusted all the way to 42 degree. This means that the seat can be tied to act as an infant carrier with the ONE+ cushion for the first months and older children will appreciate the angle recline more when sleepy. 

It's with a new innovative design that uses aluminium and hardened steel to form a lightweight safety frame which acts as a canon around your child. The seat itself has built in shock absorbers to minimise crash forces upon impact. 

Axkid have even added ventilation holes to help keep your child cool in the hot summer months. 

And, if all of that wasn't enough to get you excited then you should see the colours its available in. Our personal favourite, Tile Melange, is a really modern take on a maroon colour variant which always catches the eye and sparks conversations down at the school gates. You can also grab this fab seat in Brick Melange which is a pale almond cream. Tar which is as it suggests, black, or Granite Melange, a dark charcoal grey. 

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