Why Rear Facing matters

Your child's safety is our number one priority and that's why we always offer free and impartial advise about the safest way for your child to travel.

In a rear facing seat, the whole body is protected by the seat which absorbs the impact protecting the child's vulnerable head and neck. The bones in the neck of a small child are not developed enough to protect the spinal cord. In a collision in a forward facing car seat the weight of the head combined with the immature skeleton can cause the spinal cord to stretch. the slightest stretch can cause it to snap. This is known as internal decapitation and causes paralysis or death and cannot be fixed.

Sadly, most children are turned forward facing once their first seat its outgrown, or the moment they seem to fit a forward facing seat. They are still incredibly vulnerable at this age and still at risk, this risk continues until the bones are starting to mature, around 4.5 years.

By keeping a child rear facing you are reducing the risk of injury and offering superior protection in the unfortunate event of a collision.

Children are killed and severely injured on UK roads everyday, and our deaths are much higher than say, Sweden, where most children rear face until around 4 years.

To find out which is the best seat for your child and vehicle get in touch. Our dedicated team members will be more than happy to assis

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