Swedish Plus Test

The Swedish Plus Test is so tough that only rear facing car seats can pass it.
  • The Plus Test has a much lower limit for the maximum strain on the neck than other child car seat tests.
  • The head-on crash test has a very short and hard braking distance, which makes the impact much more severe than in other crash test scenarios.
  • The only type of child seats that can be tested is toddler seats: so seats either up to 18 or 25 kg when approved to ECE R44 or up to 105 or 125 cm when approved to UN R129

All child car seats in the European/UN market must be approved according to the legislation ECE R44 or UN R129.

As a voluntary approval that manufacturers may choose to test their car seats for, the Swedish Plus Test comes on top of this.

The requirements in the Plus Test are so strict that forward facing child car seats would not be able to comply with them.

The thinking behind the test is that no child sitting in a Plus Test approved car seat would sustain any severe or life-threatening injuries in a collision.

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