Avionaut NEW DOCK 2 isofix base

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New Dock 2 base – even easier fitting of child seats

Is an ISOFIX base necessary at all?

Many parents wonder whether they need an ISOFIX base at all. Not surprisingly, the birth of a child involves huge expenses, and buying it is a considerable investment. The first child seat, after all, can be easily fitted with seat belts, and tests show that this does not affect the level of safety when driving. However, it turns out that even the best child seat will not keep your child safe if it is incorrectly fitted. And this is where the difference comes in –  it is much easier to make a mistake with belt-fitted models!

We live in a constant rush, and this is not conducive to precision. In narrow parking spaces, there is also often not enough space to open the door wide enough to allow adequate access to the rear seats. If we add to this the lack of practice with the first child, it turns out that errors when installing belt-fitted child seats are relatively common. It is enough if the strap is misrouted, twisted or insufficiently tightened, and the seat may fail in an emergency situation. And it not unlikely that we may have to take the seat it in and out of the car up to a dozen times a day!

This is why Avionaut’s specialists have developed the Dock 2 base that makes attaching the child seat quick and trivial. Parents can rest assured, as a mistake becomes virtually impossible!

New Avionaut Dock 2 base

The ISOFIX Dock 2 base is compatible with Avionaut child seats for toddlers up to 13 kg – Avionaut Pixel Pro 2.0 C, Avionaut Cosmo and Avionaut Cosmo 2.0. Its design is ergonomic and universal, which means it is intuitive to use and fits most cars. The base makes it easy to attach and detach the child seat and stabilises it while driving, preventing it from moving even during sudden manoeuvres.

Fitting the Isofix Dock 2 is extremely easy. The base permanently attaches to the ISOFIX anchor points, which are a mandatory element of equipment of all cars manufactured after 2011. The model also uses a special support leg which additionally stabilises the structure.

What are daily journeys like with the Dock 2 base? It is enough to put the child seat on it, which, like removing it, takes literally a few seconds. Importantly, it is difficult to make any mistake here! The toddler therefore travels safely and the parents enjoy peace of mind while they are on the road.

The ISOFIX Dock 2 is particularly recommended for those who frequently remove the child seat from the car or transfer it between two cars. In such a situation, the base not only reduces a lot of stress, but also saves time!

Compatible with Avionaut Pixel Pro 2.0, Avionaut Cosmo and Avionaut Cosmo 2.0