Axkid Modukid Bundle

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We know that no two families are alike. The busy schedule of parenting, however, is common to all. When developing the Axkid Modukid car seat system we had this in mind and thanks to its quick and easy installation, you will have more time for things that matter. We believe rear-facing should be easy in real life. Axkid Modukid Seat is easy to install and is installed with one simple click on an ISOFIX-base which enables a quick movement between different cars. The seat is also one of the most comfortable and spacious ISOFIX-seats on the market with extendable legroom comfortable even for a four-year old child.

Simple and secure installation with ISOFIX-base – The seat can easily be switched between two cars with just one simple “click”

The only I-size seat on the market with an automatic headrest that adjusts automatically to your child’s length. 

A spacious and comfortable seat with extendable legroom that allows your child to travel comfortable rear-facing all the way up to 105cm approx. 4 years of age.

The Sleepwell-System makes it easy to adjust the seat recline when the seat is installed. Perfect for longer trips!


  • Product Info

    Type: Rear-facing car seat 

    Installation: ISOFIX-base 

    Approved weight of child: Up to 18 kg 

    Approved lenght of child: Up to 105 cm 

    Certification: UN R129/iSize